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Improvisation for Businesses   

Creativity is a key trait for the success of businesses and teams. A collaborative space free of judgement or failure can make an ideal environment for people to improve self-esteem, confidence, and innovation.

Applied Improvisation uses methods that are collaborative and creative. Built deeply inside these methods is the experience of fast failure, team working, creative thinking and inclusion.


Improv has a place in the world of mediation. Moments from this training will help our mediators to cope with the unexpected as well as enhancing our ability to develop rapport with clients.
Chief Exec, Mediation Hertfordshire.

Lions International

I am sure that the skills the participants learnt will improve collaboration, build confidence, and increase the ability to absorb new ideas.
President, Lions Club (District 306 B1, Colombo, Sri Lanka)

More about Applied Improvisation

Improvisation, or ‘improv’, is a method in which the ideas, stories and processes are made up in the moment. There are no lines to rehearse and the improv process is highly creative.
No acting skills are required.

Studies have shown that the skills from improvisation can help with better management of unexpected changes, uncertainty and increased team collaboration. Participants exhibit lower levels of anxiety and increased creativity. This better enables us to absorb new ideas. It also allows decision making breakthroughs by creating a common sense of direction.

We offer two types of improv sessions: Improv for Creativity in Organisations, which focuses on breaking down barriers to creative thinking, and Improv for Wellbeing,
which develops participants’ confidence and openness.

What happens during Applied Improv?

We embed our Improv games and tools into your learning or workshop. Our improv experts are also trained facilitators  and trainers, examples where we have embedded improv games and tools include:

  1. Process Excellence Workshops
  2. Service Innovation Workshop
  3. Project Management Training
  4. Service Delivery Training
  5. Mediation Peer to Peer Training

Benefits of our approach

We can create tailored courses for standalone or multiple sessions encompassing different stakeholder groups. Our sessions are based on your requirements and can last from two hours to a whole day.

The improv sessions will be conducted by our experts who have studied and practised improv formally and also have extensive experience of facilitation and operational processes within business settings.

Up to 20 of your staff can participate, making it a value for money investment per person. Alternatively, we can also run a tailored class for well-being or creativity. We can also conduct Improv based workshops virtually (using zoom).

Identify Business Opportunities
Boost Well-Being
Raise Creativity

“Improvisation is probably one of the two or three cardinal skills for business to learn in the future…”
John Kao, Harvard Business School.

Improv is a fantastic method for knowledge creation in your business. It allows the development of collaborative creativity to bring a unique insight to your business strategy and processes.

This improv course will help your organisation:

  • Develop the ability to generate more innovative ideas around your own service, leading to faster ROI/Time to Market
  • Boost well-being, resulting in increased focus and attentiveness
  • Increase the ability of teams to self-manage issues and opportunities

Improv will help your staff:

  • Increase confidence
  • Cope better with unexpected situations
  • Be more open to new ideas
  • Share thoughts in an open and non-judgemental way
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This improv will help your organisation:

  • Boost well-being, resulting in reduced absences and conflict
  • Increase the ability for teams to self manage issues and opportunities
  • Enhance the ability to generate innovative ideas around your own service or the process, leading to better customer experience and/or reduced costs

Improv will help your staff:

  • Increase confidence
  • Cope better with unexpected situations
  • Be more open to new ideas
  • Share thoughts in an open and non-judgemental way
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“I started improvisation classes to improve my confidence, self esteem and also find ideas to use in my social communication groups at work. I have learnt so much from these classes and always leave on a high! if you’re interested in developing these skills it will definitely be recommend the courses.”
Special Needs Teacher


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