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About Us

People make things happen: our clients, our team and our partners

People make things happen: our clients, our team and our partners

People make things happen: our clients, our team and our partners


Who We Are

Kinetik Solutions, is a UK based consultancy, which specialises in business transformation, change management, innovation and process excellence in operational settings. We have delivered work to several large organisations including ADP, Barclays Bank, British Airports Authority, Hertz Cars MITIE and several public sector organisations including the NHS. We have worked globally across 5 continents. We have published a book on change management.

How We Deliver

We are the catalyst for operational and digital change. In order to drive change effectively for our clients, kinetik solutions has developed solutions around Digital, Opex and Innovation change that can be adapted for each business. This, combined with our way of working means we take pride in working with clients to sustainable results above all else. Our team has extensive experience in large scale transformations in both private and public sectors with each consultant having 10 years of senior business or consulting experience.

We use relevant technology to leverage virtual working to support strategy formulation, collaboration, project management, facilitation and operational design. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that change management is an art, that is always emergent in line with the organisation culture and capability. We use collaboration, at all levels of your organisation, to make change sustainable and value for money.

We believe that the best way of embedding change is to develop a clear vision of future state, deep engagement with your change team and shaping key projects.

We want to tap into the power of creativity in innovation that exists in all humans, which when developed, helps individuals and organisations in a deeper way.

Our Journey

Our journey starts in 2007, with our first client, a large government organisation in the public sector. Since then we have worked with a large range of clients both private and public, and designed several change products. We have a rich history of developing our staff and working with partners. Have a look at our timeline.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kinetik Solution takes account of its economic, social and environmental impact in the way it operates as a business. By demonstrating our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility we aim to align our business values i.e. way of working, purpose and strategy with the needs of our clients, whilst embedding such responsible and ethical principles into everything we do.

More about our CSR


  • We are driven by high quality and integrity in everything we do
  • We actively engage with all levels of client’s staff to find the right solutions that work for the environment/culture
  • We work in a joint client/consultant team transferring knowledge from day one
  • We focus on sustainability – in the long term, we would prefer improvement to be driven by our client’s staff and not by external consultants
  • We work with clients to encourage sustainable futures


  • We are flexible and work well with ambiguity/moving goals, as we accept that is the nature of life
  • We are disciplined combined with passion in the way we work – intrinsic motivation is our core
  • We work with joined up thinking, making sure the whole works better than each distinct part
  • We thrive on being creative in delivering value to clients