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Digital Leverage

Digital Strategy

We can build your strategy for Digital Leverage with agile process, implementation expertise and better use of data.

Transformational Change and Operational Excellence

We will help you deliver a transformation roadmap, complex process design and change planning.

Creativity and Learning

We will support you to accelerate creativity and innovation in your organisation and improve your capability for change.

Digital Strategy

Implementing Generative AI Organisations

Your organisation might have access to a vast amount of data, but the key is to leverage it in the most effective way to enhance and manage your end-to-end processes and business services.

The widespread availability of Large Language Models, known as Generative AI, has revolutionised how organisations harness their data. With the power of AI, you can streamline repetitive tasks and make more informed decisions through predictive models. In customer service, AI enables a unique approach by offering hyper-personalised products and services, transforming customer interactions entirely.

Your organisation will need change support as it leverages AI, particularly with impact on your processes, the necessary skills to harness the benefits of AI and its profound influence on adopting to new ways of working.

Let us support you with leveraging Generative AI in your business processes and in operational change.

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Digital Enablement

Everyone knows that your customers expect a digital service experience integrated with the products and services you already deliver. However, almost 70%¹ of users find it hard to navigate digital services. Businesses fail to implement change optimally, with a digital service that is poor for customers and/or with weak operational processes.

At Kinetik, we are aware that many organisations waste valuable resources by overlaying a digital service on top of the traditional ‘functional’ based service, rather than fundamentally changing their processes to allow digital enablement. Our solution provides the methodology and guidance for organisations to make this transition into the digital world. We can also oversee a change management process for your existing processes.

We can support digital enablement in four specific ways:

  • Support you in capability building for your ‘end to end’ delivery of digital process
  • Set up a collaborative working ethos both internally and externally
  • Develop agile processes to create and deliver digital services
  • Provide innovation/creativity tools (such as our TRIZ for Innovation) to help you make innovation leaps in your service delivery

Kinetik Solutions has helped many organisations  with digital enablement. Your key business benefits will be reputation, customer satisfaction and a way of delivering digital change that reduces costs over the long term. We can work with you virtually where appropriate. Let us help you – Contact us today.

Digital Engagement Infographic 2
Infographic showing that 32% od organisations do not map out their customer journey

Digital Implementation

Digital Implementation infographic
Digital Implementation Infographic

If you are in the midst of implementing technological change, you will understand how much this can impact employees and the difficulties in making new processes stick. Implementing digital technology successfully (Business Systems, Cloud Platforms, Applications, Robotic Process Automation, Digitisation, Artificial Intelligence) has never been easier, however, you need an effective means to enable change.

Digital change affects everyone in a business, including customers and frontline staff. We will help you in creating a joined-up change plan to ensure that there is buy-in, broader acceptance of change and a spirit of continuous improvement, in line with your company culture. We provide you with support in the implementation process; working towards a more agile approach based on continuous delivery of new products/services. 

We can also support you in software, app and platform selection, process optimisation and data cleansing prior to digital implementation. Data integrity and cleansing is often overlooked until late in the project and can be one of the biggest causes of failure.