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Creativity and Learning

Digital Strategy

We can build your strategy for Digital Leverage with agile process, implementation expertise and better use of data.

Transformational Change and Operational Excellence

We will help you deliver a transformation roadmap, complex process design and change planning.

Creativity and Learning

We will support you to accelerate creativity and innovation in your organisation and improve your capability for change.

Creativity and Learning

72%¹ of businesses have no process of innovation. Creativity is a powerful tool which can assist all levels of your organisation in delivering innovative products and services. Our improv, gamified productscollaborative workshops and e-learning platform exercises create new ways of creativity and learning that connects everyone from the CEO to the front-line. Let us help you –  Contact us today.

Applied Improvisation for Creativity

Infographic about Improvisation

Creativity is a key trait for the success of businesses and teams. A collaborative space free of judgement or failure can make an ideal environment for people to improve self-esteem, confidence, and innovation. Applied Improvisation uses methods that are collaborative and creative. Built deeply inside these methods is the experience of accepting change, team working, well-being  and  inclusion.

Our applied  Improv can be run virtually and  will  benefit your staff with Increased confidence, cope better with unexpected situations, be more open to new ideas and share  views  in an open and non-judgemental way. 

 Our global clients  love our Applied Improvisation.  

Tools for Creativity and Learning

We have a variety of thinking and learning tools for helping you innovate your products and services as well as help you better manage change. Our products have been used worldwide in over 15 countries.

Capability Building

Explore our extensive training that includes 7 modules on innovation tools

We work with you to select the right combination of training from our 60 different modules based on Lean, Change Management, Operational Excellence and Innovation/Creativity. We can deliver our training virtually. 

Kinetik has trained 700+ people

Philosophy for Change

Leverage the use of philosophical ideas for business change, with our gamified product.

An essential part of the toolkit for change leaders, workshop facilitators and change consultants for new thinking around business change.

Image presenting the 'Philosophy cards for Change Management' product

TRIZ for Service Design

Innovate with our  TRIZ  product used  a  proven method that will help you make step changes in your service design and delivery.  

Regardless of your service sector, our gamified  TRIZ  product  will allow creativity for all levels of people in the service business. 

Philosophy Card Examples

Collaboration for Active Learning

Infographic explaining the benefits of 'Collaboration working' concept

It’s hard to believe but over 50%¹ of meetings are considered a waste of time. Are you struggling with surfacing complex multifunctional opportunities and difficulties in your organisation? Do you want to accelerate project delivery and team learning without compromising on quality? 

Our facilitated workshops are designed in a way so that every person is engaged, regardless of their status or role in the organisation. We use innovative process/change tools in the workshop, which draw out useable solutions that can be pieced together like a mosaic. We can deliver our facilitated workshops fully virtually.

Accelerated Interactive Learning using Digital Technology

Infographic showing the statistics of 'Classroom-based' learning

Your organisation may be looking to accelerate knowledge in your employees around process excellence and change management. You may want interactive training, intelligently shaped around your employees’ needs, that also provides you with management data about knowledge transfer. 

Let us help you – Contact us today.

Coaching for Change Leaders

coaching illustration

Your organisation may have an internal change team that can achieve even more with coaching support.

Our coaching approach is based on active listening, asking questions, testing clarity and supporting you in your journey of change. The focus is on being non-directive: drawing your knowledge and leveraging your skills.

Our coaching work will support: development of the individual, team working, stakeholder management, change delivery and use of change tools.