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At kinetik, we are always seeking to innovate as our clients and their environment is constantly changing. We are passionate about creativity in business, and constantly pursuing new thinking, to ensure that our work creates value. We’ve tested these methods across many domains (geography, industry sector and organisation levels). We are confident that we can deliver highly tailored interventions that can lead to a new and better future.

Deeper Analytics of Unstructured Data

We help you to uncover some of the deeper questions that need answers, particularly around operational and service improvements, that can possibly be resolved with the power of analytics. We have partnered up with leading data scientists to examine operational data, both internal and in the public domain, such as customer feedback and social media interaction, to help better understand connections and causality within unstructured data sets using leading analytic tools.

Interactive learning around change management

Over and above functional expertise, organisations need individual employees to be skilled at managing change. One alternative to classroom-based training is interactive and gamified digital learning; this approach allows skills to be filtered to all levels of an organisation on a more efficient and effective basis. We have partnered with Acadmi to incorporate our change management modules into two minute, interactive, mobile-based learning solutions.


Creativity in Business – Improvise and Innovate

Without creativity coming from bottom to top, businesses can never realise the full power of innovation. Our tools, workshop styles and exercises, have created new ways of thinking from entry-level employee to CEO.

  • Spontaneity using improvisation: We create a range of improvised business scenarios playing games that bring about new thinking
  • Structured creative thinking tools tailored for business, that open up new
    ideas or even new ways of thinking. Our tools range from Debono’s work
    on pattern creativity to Atshuller’s work on engineering creativity.
  • Philosophy in Business. Utilising ancient Greek, modern Western and Eastern philosophy can create new ways of thinking by getting to the root causes of business issues/opportunities. It enables us to ask deeper questions such as, ‘Where does knowledge come from’, ‘What is the foundation from which we can build?’, ‘Is the whole greater than the sum of parts?’, and ‘Which virtues work best in a business context?’