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Modular Training

Would your business operations benefit from targeted training modules?

At Kinetik Solutions we are pleased to offer a new collection of training programmes combining the important areas of Lean, Change Management and Innovation.

The modules are led by our team who are equipped with extensive experience in large scale transformations and blue-chip projects, so you can be confident that you’ll be getting the best, reliable training offered!

We are passionate about working in constant collaboration with our clients to create sustainable change, and so each training programme is tailored to your organisation’s needs.

How many modules are offered?

  • Over 50 different modules to choose from!

How long are the programmes?

  • 1-5 day training programmes

How long are individual modules?

  • 30-90 minutes

What do the modules entail?

  • Clarity on the the purpose of each module from the very start
  • An evocative quotation which captures the essence of each module
  • Succinct but rich material that brings out key learning
  • One or more exercises that embellishes learning
  • Support Templates (where applicable)