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The Art of Transformational Change

A Handbook for Managers and Leaders

70% of businesses fail to deliver transformational change successfully, repeating familiar mistakes over and over again. Dynamic and potent, this book focuses on a proven, holistic approach to implementing, dealing with and adapting to change. It is the ultimate change management manual for managers and leaders.

“The world is changing. Thus organisations need to change too. Varia’s book is essential reading for those leading transformation projects. It provides practical techniques to ensure your transformation is value-focused.”
– Ade McCormack, Digital Strategist, Keynote Speaker and Author of ‘IT Demystified’

What You’ll Learn

Unlike other books on the subject, The Art of Transformational Change, outlines the steps to successful transformational change in a clear, descriptive, and informative way, using images and real life examples, which can be applied to any business.

Holistic approach to dealing with change
Real life examples, which can be applied to any business
Reduce costs and increase organisational opportunity by using techniques in this book

Overview of The Art of Transformational Change

This is a handbook for managers and leaders involved in, or contemplating a change or transformation programme. It provides a practical, detailed and informed framework for creating a change process. This handbook distils tried-and- tested techniques from the multitude of solutions available. Through step-by-step instructions and visual illustrations, it guides the user through context-specific techniques that can be uniquely tailored to any organisational change programme.

Chapter One

Using Dimensional Value

Chapter Two

Systematic Clearing Out

Chapter Three

Continuous Review

Chapter Four


Chapter Five

Creating and Dismantling High Performance Teams

Chapter Six


Chapter Seven

Systems Thinking

Chapter Eight

Fast Failure and Fast Learning


The Testimonials

Daniel McDonald. Director of Lean Executives

“One of the best overall references for managers and leaders involved in, or contemplating, a change or transformational programme. Ketan has brought together a wealth of practical knowledge and tried and tested techniques and created a great reference for those wanting to understand and deliver successful organisational transformational change. The handbook is highly practical, filled with great guidance and real gems to get you thinking and apply appropriate techniques no matter what industry or sector you may work within. Ketan’s logical and meaningful writing style makes this a great down to earth reference for everyday use.”

John Carlisle. Co-Author of ‘Beyond Negotiation’

“Ketan Varia’s Transformational Change Book is what you would expect from a systems thinking practitioner, i.e. logical, well laid out and, while deploying theories throughout, is not theoretical but very practical. The flow, as Dylan Thomas would say, begins at the beginning and takes the reader through the change journey to final testing. The real strength of the book for me is the series of appropriate examples, which are not just informative, but are used to illustrate the theories and methods. Chapter 8 is a case in point. It not only makes the point for end to end process, but also reinforces some of the earlier key messages with very illuminating brief case studies.”

Dr Bill Bellows. California. USA

“Ketan Varia presents a well-established collection of techniques and strategies to counteract these forces of decay, enabling “Organisations as Usual” to change course and continuously transform into “Organisations as Unusual.” Readers will enjoy Ketan’s steady use of everyday examples to illustrate a foundational set of strategies and techniques, covering topics ranging from innovation to systems thinking and fast learning. Readers will also quickly sense the comfort with which Ketan has led the implementation of these concepts with his clients, concepts he has lived and mastered. With this book, he has crafted a leader’s guide to successful transformational change, designed for beginners and veterans alike. Let the journey begin!”

Dr Ahmed Chekairi. Consultant Anaesthetist. NHS London

“‪For me, the book is a must read for all NHS managers and consultants ‬‬‬interested in leadership.‬‬‬ ‪It is easy to read and I liked particularly illustration by many figures ‬‬‬and pictures. The also liked examples and stories for each principle and ‬‬‬‪tool you mentioned. The references are great for those who are more hungry ‬‬‬for more knowledge.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬”

Ade McCormack. Digital Strategist and Former FT Columnist. Author of ‘Beyond 9 to 5’

“The world is changing. Thus organisations need to change too. Very few organisations can sidestep transformation. Ketan’s book is essential reading for both those leading transformation projects, and those tasked with ensuring its success. It provides a simple set of practical techniques to ensure your transformation is value-focused. In particular, it reflects the realities of the digital age, namely the need to increase business agility and manage high performance teams. The book is to the point, and thankfully bereft of unnecessary jargonese. It is well researched and is supported by very vivid examples. Ketan has provided tools that will take the uncertainty out of organisational transformation, and thus should be a key part of your risk management armoury.”

Fiona Dowling. Speech Therapist with the NHS

“It’s very interesting, highly relevant for clinicians in the NHS. Extremely clear and well written.”

About The Author

Ketan Varia
Ketan Varia is the founder of Kinetik Solutions, and has over 25 years of Management and Consulting experience. He is focused on leading and guiding strategy and improvement programmes within an operational context. He has led over 30 change assignments, across ten countries, for a variety of FT Global 500 companies at Kinetik, and in previous roles at Capgemini and Ernst & Young.

His extensive experience includes development projects with ADP, Abbey National, British Airways, BAE, Blind Veterans UK, EMI Music, Hertz, Office for National Statistics, Land Rover, Motorola, several NHS Trusts, Nations Trust Bank, Network Rail and Xerox. Ketan is a former non-executive director for The North West London Hospitals Trust, where he sat on their Audit and Governance & Risk Committees. He is also a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a Fellow of the Institute of Operational Management.

He is an active volunteer in neighbourhood mediation, an engineering ambassador for the STEMNET, and provides mentoring for members of the Prince’s Trust and the Institute for Electrical Engineering (IET).