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An operational diagnostic will help you interpret the effectiveness of your strategies and processes.

Our diagnostic will help you discern your readiness for operational change, the current state of your processes and identify opportunities for change.

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“Kinetik very quickly gained an understanding of the Business to encourage the right tools to support a positive shift in our improvement culture.”
– Fortune 500 Organisation.

We have 3 types of diagnostics

We have three types of diagnostic to suit your circumstance. They can be used separately or conjunction based on your need.

  1. Readiness for Change Diagnostic – This diagnostic will help you in highlighting major areas of focus and approach for the planning of your transformational change programme. Our three areas of insight will be in change capability, change leadership and operational opportunities.
  2. Business Process Diagnostic – This diagnostic will look at your ‘end to end’ process(es) to uncover areas of opportunity. This diagnostic will give you incisive feedback on areas of strengths, opportunity in adding customer value and reducing process waste.
  3. Stakeholder Diagnostic – We will seek to get a stakeholder view of your ‘end to end’ process, including suppliers and customers (internal and external). It can be used in conjunction with the Business Process Diagnostic.

How is our diagnostic conducted?

  1. We have cloud enabled questionnaires allowing you to provide feedback from multiple stakeholders and staff. We present the findings in a way that provides insight and aids decisions making.
  2. We collaborate with you in conducting focused stakeholder interviews to tease out tacit knowledge and get a qualitative view of your processes, culture and structure.
  3. We analyse high level operational data relating to the specific areas of diagnostics. We use Business intelligence tools to help us dig deeper into the data when required.

Benefits of our approach?

Our diagnostics can avoid unnecessary costs later in your change programme, and get change aligned at the onset. It can act as a foundation for your operational excellence transformation.

Our knowledge and good practise can help you bypass pitfalls.

We avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’ and provide you with practical insight combined and a clear joined up holistic view in preparation for change.

Invest Wisely in Transformation
Leverage Good Practise
Identify Quick Wins

What’s your next step?

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“Kinetik brings a very insightful approach to change management – taking time to understand the organisation …to bring a relevant solution. The organisational shows high culturally sensitive and its staff have great interpersonal skills.”
Large Bank, Sri Lanka

“Deep expertise in business transformation and operational excellence. Their skills and experience in driving a project and delivering exceptional results was invaluable.”
FTSE 350 Organisation

“Kinetik’s work was highly interactive, very standardised and methodical.”
Large Insurance Company