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Triz Cards for Service Innovation

Do away with unproductive brainstorming sessions

72% of businesses have no process of innovation. Based on the evidence-based problem-solving theory ‘TRIZ’, this innovation tool provides a clear methodology to confront problems and opportunities in your service business by making you, your teams and your employees better and more creative problem solvers.

If you are thinking about a way to innovate some of your existing products, this deck can help you to introduce you to the world of TRIZ.

Corrado De Sanctis – Agile Coach

Triz Cards

TRIZ Card Game for Business Innovation

TRIZ Game Cards

Does your business:

  • Frequently use ‘brainstorming sessions’ that produce no new insight?
  • Rely on replicating competitors’ innovations?
  • Only change your service due to customer dissatisfaction?

TRIZ Cards give you a framework for creative thinking and a process of innovation by:

  1. Identifying a problem or limiting factor in your business
  2. Moving to a generalised problem with generalised solution using TRIZ’s 40 general principles of innovation
  3. Assisting you in applying that generalized solution to your specific problem. Resulting in novel innovations.

Use these cards individually, in teams or in workshops to reinvent your brainstorming sessions and give your business a process of innovation.


Our TRIZ Cards are based on applying TRIZ, the theory of inventive problem solving, to the service industry. But what is special about TRIZ?

  • Based on research: TRIZ is a theory both founded on and developed with evidence. Over the years research in the field has encompassed over 100,000 inventions.
  • TRIZ is proven: If you have heard of GE, Proctor & Gamble and Samsung then you know just a few of the hundreds of companies that have successfully applied this theory of innovation to their service business.
  • Resource effective: No need to hire innovation specific teams, simply engage with the 75% of employees who are not using their creative potential.
  • Ideal solutions: TRIZ not only helps you identify solutions to problems; a founding principle is that there are ideal solutions to complex problems; ones that need minimal resources and have maximum benefit.
  • Holistic approach to problems: The nature of the TRIZ methodology means that it is applicable to any and every service problem, which means it can help you!

What comes in the TRIZ card pack?

TRIZ Game Cards
TRIZ Game Cards
  • 5 Key Cards – The KEY cards refer to different ways in which your organisation is seeking to improve its service process. The key cards relate to these 5 service types: Self Service, Direct Service, Pre-Service, Bundled Service and Around Service.
  • 40 Innovation Cards – The INNOVATION cards include 40 principles, based on the TRIZ methodology. Each card has real world examples for each principle. These can be used in conjunction with the KEY cards or on their own.

What’s your next step?

There are two ways to get the benefits of the TRIZ for services cards:

  • Our expert facilitator will run the TRIZ innovation process for you at your premises over the course of 2 – 6 hours dependent on your desired outcome. Contact us at bebetter@kinetik.uk.com to arrange an event.
  • You can choose to run TRIZ based service innovation with your own internal facilitator by buying the cards from us. A full set of instructions are provided with the TRIZ cards.



Very useful for framing ideas and grouping them by themes (e.g. “around” service).

The methodology with TRIZ cards is very engaging and practical for business with a no-nonsense approach.


The Design and Support Team

Subject Matter Experts

  • Dr Nadhmi Gazem has a PhD in Information Systems, from the University of Technology, Malaysia, where he has authored several papers on the use of TRIZ in the service industry.
  • Ketan Varia is an innovator and entrepreneur. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Advanced Manufacturing Systems.
  • Dr Azizah Bt Abdul Rahman has a Ph.D. She is the co-author of several papers on TRIZ in the service industry.

Graphic Design & Support

  • Leslie Stowe, Designer
  • Rafael Filomeno, Designer
  • Kruti Varia, Editorial Support
  • Burcu Atay, Editorial Support
  • Kiruthiga Savatherajan, Editorial Support
  • Mahersh Shah, Advisor
  • Sanjiv Bhardwaj, Advisor


  • Darrell Mann, Systematic Innovation Ltd.
  • Dr Genrich Altshuller (1926-1998), The founder of TRIZ innovation and methodology


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