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Intensive Lean Training

Location: Morocco (Casablanca)

Morocco Lean Training

Develop your people and improve organisation capabilities.

Your organisation will face the challenge of operational excellence; doing more with the same or less resources. Our 4 day interactive, engaging and workshop style training will create deep capability for operational change in your organisation. 

This course is ideal for senior managers and directors who want to transform their organisation and improve their capability using Lean principles.

Who is the training for?


The course is for directors and senior managers in large complex organisations. The course will be delivered in English.

The course will teach you:

  • The benefits of Lean in productivity, sustainable reduction of cost and better use of assets
  • The mindset of Lean that enables you spot waste, improve flow and manage demand in a joined-up way
  • The method of implementing Lean in your organisation: Setting out roadmaps, creating the right culture and running change projects.

The International Trainer - Ketan Varia

Ketan Varia is based in the UK and is the director of Kinetik Solutions. He has delivered over 30 change programmes across 5 continents. His experience includes ADP, British Airways, Motorola, Hertz Cars the NHS. Ketan has substantial international experience, including emerging countries of Mauritius and Sri Lanka. He delivered a talk at an international conference in Morocco in 2019 on the subject of Innovation.

Ketan has been a non-executive board member of a large London hospital. He is a Chartered Engineer.

He has written a book The Art of Transformational Changepublished in 2015, which has received many positive reviews.

Ketan Varia will be supported by Kinetik’s associate Soukaina Aziz, who is based in Morocco. 

Soukaina’s expertise is in Supply Chain, Process Improvement, and Innovation.

Date, Venue & Costs

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Location: Kowork Anfa,73, Boulevard d’Anfa, Casablanca 20060, Morocco

Cost: 999 Euros (for 4 days)

Course Agenda

Session 1
Objectives and Your Expectations
Understand your own process challenges
Experience the power of Lean with a simulation
Prioritise opportunities suitable for Lean
Understand the benefits of Lean and its measurement
Explain the 5 Lean Principles including value stream map of one of your processes
Review of Session 1 and Action Plans
Session 2
Review of Session 1 and plan for today
Understand the voice of customers
Apply the use of takt and cycle time
Describe value and non-value add (7 wastes)
Understand Lean in your workplace – standardised work
Understand Lean in your workplace – visual management and error proofing
Review of Session 2 and Action Plans
Session 3
Review of Session 3 and plan for today
Understand Lean in your workplace – setup change
Use analysis and problems solving tools (fishbone, 5 whys)
Use analysis and problems solving tools (SECAR)
Use analysis and problem-solving tools (DILO)
Test creative thinking tools (TRIZ)
Review of Session 3 and Action Plans
Session 4
Review of Session 3 and plan for today
Plan on problems solving using the A3 approach
Use RACI for collaborating
Understand how to implement organisation change – creating a roadmap
Understand how to implement organisation change – managing resistance
Review of week and individual actions plans
Review of Training and Action Plans

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Cost per attendee £699 (GBP)


“Very inspiring to learn the Lean Tools and put them in practice as an organisation. The trainer was very well organised and delivered a well planned training.”
Large Bank

“Really useful tools/models which will assist us in moving the business forward and making a difference.”
UK Asset Management Company

“Very good training with lots of new things to learn. BEST TRAINING EVER”
Life Insurer

“Good In depth course that combined theory with practice to solidify concepts and enable you to use them in a practical environment.”
Engineering Product Manufacturer

“I understood the practical side of the Lean Management.”
Large Bank

“It was a great program, one of the best I’ve been to.”
Life Insurer

“Helped find solutions though lean management using techniques for the issues where the branches and division face problems.”
Leasing Company

“The truth is that to this day [4 Years later] I still use your presentations to remember concepts and, more importantly, to train colleagues in this exciting world.”
Fortune 500 business