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Transformational Change and Operational Excellence

Digital Strategy

We can build your strategy for Digital Leverage with agile process, implementation expertise and better use of data.

Transformational Change and Operational Excellence

We will help you deliver a transformation roadmap, complex process design and change planning.

Creativity and Learning

We will support you to accelerate creativity and innovation in your organisation and improve your capability for change.

Digital Strategy

Transformational Change and Operational Excellence

Creativity and Learning

Sustainable Complex Change

Transformational Change
Transformational Change Infographic

Almost 70% of organisations fail to execute their strategy successfully. If you are bringing about a new organisational strategy, you want to ensure that your transformational change programme is sustained and delivers long term benefits. As part of this work, you will need to understand several factors including:

  • The current operational performance and existing core competencies of the organisation
  • The views of your stakeholders around change opportunities
  • An ‘end to end’ view of your operational processes

Readiness for Transformational Change

Your organisation may need to deliver operational excellence by doing more with identical or reduced resources, redesigning processes or changing the way people operate individually and as a team. You probably know the statistic that 70% of change programmes do not deliver benefit to the organisation. Before embarking on change, a rapid and relevant diagnostics can be useful to prepare you for transformation. Our diagnostics can ensure the avoidance of unnecessary costs later in your programme and manage the risks and opportunity of change from the outset.

Our approach is different – we avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’, we provide practical insight combined with analysis that gives you a clearer picture and holistic view in preparation for change. We can conduct our assessment using virtual tools where required.

Supporting you with a Transformational Roadmap

After determining your strategic intent, we can support you in ensuring that the right team, methods and structure are in place from the onset. We help your leadership teams create a change roadmap to ensure that emerging organisation strategy, core competencies, operational change, governance & risk management and capability building areas are aligned. We work with you to plan a rollout that is phased which includes use of piloting to test operational readiness and interdependencies.  

Helping you realise Benefits of Change

You may not have fully considered value and benefits that a change programme can bring about or mapped complex solutions onto benefits (tangible and intangible). We help you create a benefits map to ensure the right measures are in place, so your transformational change stays on track and realises long-term benefits.

In summary, our work for sustaining complex change is based on an approach of working with emergent strategy, testing your readiness for change, focus on benefit realisation and creating a transformational plan that has buy-in at all levels. This results in better return on Investment for you in delivering your strategy. Our client credentials demonstrate our experience. 

Operational Design and Change Planning

Due to strategic imperatives or a desire for operational excellence, you will be seeking to build more effective, joined up and waste-free processes. The underlying reasons could be due to the digitalisation, new products/services, changes in the marketplace or process inefficiency/ineffectiveness.

Kinetik’s expertise and experience can support you through in your operational design and change planning. 

Capability Building

Infographic showing that only 4 in 10 employees agree that changing programmes is beneficial

We will work with your executive team, senior management and change leaders to deliver a flexible training and coaching programme. 

We can help you by giving you access to our change products which includes methods for capacity building and use of business games, that will be a valuable investment in change at all levels.  

Our tailored  capability building programme will up-skill staff to help your organisation deliver measurable, long term operational benefits. Kinetik has 60 different modules of training based on Lean, Change Management, Operational Excellence and Innovation/Creativity. In addition, we offer Applied Improv, Lean Certification in  ISO 18404,and an  e-learning platform. We can deliver our training virtually when required.

Process Design

Infographic explaining the concept of 'Systems thinking'

We act as a catalyst to build new, improved and agile lean operational processes in your organisation. We have extensive knowledge in the most service sectors, business support, logistics and manufacturing. We collaborate with you in the design of ‘end to end’ processes. To be effective, the operational design must have a clear purpose, clarity in process activity and roles, a waste-free flow, integration with digital and management oversight. 

We will collaborate with you to implement appropriate methods and build capability to ensure the operational change is sustainable and results in a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. We have extensive change tools to engage with staff at all levels. We can work with you virtually when required. Our goal is sustainable operational design so that it needs minimum oversight once operational.

Process Change

Sustainable Complex Change 2

As part of your work in operational design, you will need to develop a robust process change plan that integrates the human and operational elements of change. We will collaborate with you to ensure your organisation values, leadership style, HR practices, stakeholder management and communication are all integrated in a way that allows sustainability of emerging change.  

In addition, we will help you develop a systematic view between process change and your change work in digital, product and organisation structure. This will ensure the alignment of your change projects to maximise benefits.

In summary, Kinetik Solutions will act as your catalyst to bring about sustainable change in your transformation, whilst both improving and innovating your operational processes. This will enable you to deliver more with the same or reduced resources. Our clients love the way we deliver. Contact us today.