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Develop your people and improve organisation capabilities

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Develop your people and improve organisation capabilities

Your organisation may need to deliver operational excellence, doing more with the same or less resources, re-design processes or change the way stakeholders operate in both their individual behaviours and as teams.

Our range of bespoke and public training will enhance your organisation’s capability and capacity in transformational change and operational excellence.

Available virtually

“Kinetik very quickly gained an understanding of the Business to encourage the right tools to support a positive shift in our improvement culture.”
– Fortune 500 Organisation.

We have trained in 11 countries with 23 organisations across the world

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Kinetic worked with clients in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, China and Australia
Kinetik has trained 700+ people
Kinetik has trained 700+ people with over 75% rating the trainings as excellent

Bespoke Training

Make your change transformation and operational excellence benefit from a bespoke training that is fit for purpose.

The training is led by our team who are equipped with extensive experience in large scale transformations and blue-chip projects, so you can be confident that you’ll be getting the best, reliable training offered!

We are passionate about working in constant collaboration with our clients to create sustainable change, and so each training programme is tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Example bespoke training
  • We have over 60 modules of training, from which you can choose right mix, from our four areas of operational excellence.
  • Our Training programmes can be tailored from 1-8 Days depending on your specific need.
  • We also offer training in European languages.
Lean, Quality Tools, Change Management, Innovation

Why learn with us?

  • Experiential – Learning by doing approach.
  • Bring your existing problems and opportunities from your organisation to test the learning.
  • Extensive industry experience of our trainers.
  • Time for discussion and debate.
Contininuous Improvement Course Ongoing
Collage of pictures from continuous improvement courses

Benefits of our approach

  • Organisations have identified 10% to 30% savings in their operational areas as a result of our modular training.
  • This style of delivery offers a ‘learning by doing’ methodology, and a programme that can be adapted and re-used for subsequent training by your change leaders.
  • Each of our trainer has a minimum of 10 year industry experience specifically in transformational change/operational excellence.
Leverage Industry Experience
Practical Tools
Rapid ROI
Example training in front of the whiteboard
Example training in front of the whiteboard
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“Very inspiring to learn the Lean Tools and put them in practice as an organisation. The trainer was very well organised and delivered a well planned training.”
Large Bank

“Really useful tools/models which will assist us in moving the business forward and making a difference.”
UK Asset Management Company

“Very good training with lots of new things to learn. BEST TRAINING EVER”
Life Insurer

“Good In depth course that combined theory with practice to solidify concepts and enable you to use them in a practical environment.”
Engineering Product Manufacturer

“I understood the practical side of the Lean Management.”
Large Bank

“It was a great program, one of the best I’ve been to.”
Life Insurer

“Helped find solutions though lean management using techniques for the issues where the branches and division face problems.”
Leasing Company

“The truth is that to this day [4 Years later] I still use your presentations to remember concepts and, more importantly, to train colleagues in this exciting world.”
Fortune 500 business