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1. What is Lean/Agile Thinking?  

a. Lean is a mindset to make services ‘flow’ as smoothly as possible from source to destination by eliminating all waste in process. An Agile mindset will help you create a culture of Continuous Improvement and work on end-to-end processes.  

2. Why Lean/Agile Methodology? 

Lean thinking is different and here’s why we recommend it: 
a. The methodology is based on long-term sustainable improvement – not a short-term ‘financial fix’. 
b. The improvement of services and bottom line results often surpasses expectations. 
c. It is a relatively low investment – not reliant on an expensive technological fix. 
d. Straightforward principles and concepts – easy to understand by everyone in the organisation. 
e. Tried and tested – it works. The methodology has been used for over 40 years in a wide variety of sectors.

3. How many people can take part in this simulation?

a. Up to 20 people can take part from as many virtual locations as required. 

4. What technology will I need? 

a. All the technology required will be completely on the Cloud. We will use Trello, Google documents and Zoom.  

5. How long will the simulation take? 

There are three roles for Lean: Practitioner, Leader and Expert. Kinetik provides support for Practitioner and Leader.  

6. What happens when the individual leaves the organisation? 

a. The simulation will take between 3 and 5 hours depending on your situation and the level of learning required. We will tailor the simulation for you 

7. Can I reuse all the tools from the simulation for my own process? 

a. Yes absolutely. We can give you all the templates that we have used so that you can adapt them for your own processes)