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Kinetik has trained 700+ people
Kinetik has trained 700+ people with over 75% rating the trainings as excellent

We have trained in over 10 countries with over 23 organisations across the world. Clients love our Opex Training with 75% rating it as excellent.

The training is led by our team who are equipped with extensive experience in large scale transformations and blue-chip projects. You can be confident that you’ll be getting high value training that engages you throughout.

Why is our training different?

  • Collaborative: We align training with your specific business opportunities and issues
  • Action-oriented: Our training leads kickstart projects and creates insight for change
  • Experience Based: Learn from our experience and get the opportunity to share yours

Our Public Training Packages

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Training Kinetik Solutions

Executive Training in Lean Transformation

Virtual via Zoom

04-05 June 2024

(2×4 hour session)

Advanced Risk Management

Advanced Risk Management for Complex Projects

10-11-12-13 June 2024

(4×4 hour session)

Creativity and Innovation

Innovation and Creativity in Business

Virtual via Zoom

18-19 June 2024

(2×4 hour session)

DALL·E 2023-02-15 18.47.16 - oil painting of Conflict Management in business with a several men and woman

Conflict Management in Complex Organisations

Central London

25 and 26 June 2024

Bespoke Training

Make your change transformation and operational excellence benefit from a bespoke training that is fit for purpose.

The training is led by our team who are equipped with extensive experience in large scale transformations and blue-chip projects, so you can be confident that you’ll be getting the best, most reliable training offered!

We are passionate about working in constant collaboration with our clients to create sustainable change and so each training programme is tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Example bespoke training
  • We have over 60 modules of training from which you can choose the right mix from our four areas of operational excellence.
  • Our Training programmes can be tailored from 1-8 days depending on your specific needs.
  • We also offer training in European languages.
Lean, Quality Tools, Change Management, Innovation

Complimentary Training


How to adapt to change in business environments

Our SECAR training videos are bite-sized, suitable for mobile and less than 2 minutes each. SECAR is an invaluable and useful method-driven tool to create ideas and improvements for your business.


‘Who does what’ in projects and processes

Our RACI training videos are bite-sized, suitable for mobile and less than 4 minutes each. RACI is an invaluable tool to help simplify complex project delivery.

Fishbone Analysis:

Get to the root of any business project

Our Fishbone Analysis training videos are bite-sized, suitable for mobile and all (except one 5 minute video) are less than 2 minutes each. Fishbone Analysis is an essential and highly visual method, to not only appraise a current situation, but also to get to the root cause or root causes of a problem.

Breaking Assumptions:

What assumptions are being made in your business?

Our Breaking Assumptions training videos are bite-sized, suitable for mobile and less than 3 minutes each. Breaking Assumptions is an invaluable tool to come up with innovative solutions to problems (or opportunities) that otherwise cannot be effectively tackled without looking at them from a different perspective.


Hertz logo

”I really found the Kaizen… to be extremely well structured and you had a great way of keeping everybody focused on the job in hand, not allowing us to go off on tangents unless totally relevant. I am also delighted with the results that we achieved over the five days.”

– Regional Manager, Hertz UK 

Aggreko logo

“Overall the change management course was rated at 3.5 out of 4. The Black Belts were better equipped to deal with change issues on their projects. Delegates appreciated the interaction and activities with a focus on learning by doing”

– Summary of feedback from course participants on a 4 day change management training

CAL logo

“The knowledge gained [in Lean] was immersive and could be applied to day-to-day work. The training was very relevant and loved the activities that involved everyone.”

– Investment Bank
Capital & Regional logo

“Kinetik Solutions engagement allowed the Capital & Regional Operational teams to explore the 11 tools of continuous improvement and how these can be applied to improve business processes and overall efficiency whilst maintaining stakeholder engagement. Kinetik’s work has provided Capital&Regional  with the drive and determination to develop and sustain a culture of continuous improvement throughout the business both at head office and at centre level.”

– Operations Director, Capital and Regional