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Corporate Social Responsibility

Kinetik Solution takes account of its economic, social and environmental impact in the way it operates as a business. By demonstrating our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility we aim to align our business values (driven by high quality and integrity with flexible, open and purposeful approach and focus on sustainability) with the needs of our clients, whilst embedding such responsible and ethical principles into everything we do.

We have had coaching from the Heart of the City an initiative started by the City of London to provide support local businesses in developing their CSR programme.

The elements of this statement cover our approach in dealing with our clients, suppliers and the local community in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact by reducing our energy and water consumption, procurement, transport and other business usage. For each area we have an organisational policy to cover these elements.


Protection of the environment in which we live and operate is part of Kinetik Solution’s values and principles and we consider it to be sound business practice. Care for the environment is one of our key responsibilities and an important part of the way in which we do business:

  • We aim to operate a paperless back office by using alternative methods of communication & storage such as email, dropbox and cloud based systems.
  • Where possible we offer home based jobs to avoid unnecessary travel and use video conferencing and other means to keep collaboration active.
  • Where travel is necessary, we encourage use of public transport.
  • Where possible we use sustainable, ethical and recycled products for the services we render and for our own consumption.
  • We promote vegetarianism to help the environment, bio diversity, health and well being.


To serve our diverse clients, we recognise the need to be diverse and inclusive in our approach. We support this by:

  • Having a diversity policy for recruitment
  • Allowing diversity of thinking and delivery in the way we work for our clients

Global Community

We support the following charities/voluntary organisations by giving time, expert services or money:


Senior management staff are given the opportunity to use their skills and take time to give their services to local community such as local schools and community organisations. We are also active in mentoring people to aid their career. Areas of work done by our team include: