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Capability Building

The Art of Transformational Change book presentation


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70% of businesses fail to deliver transformational change successfully, repeating familiar mistakes over and over again. Dynamic and potent, this book focuses on a proven, holistic approach to implementing, dealing with and adapting to change. It is the ultimate change management manual for managers and leaders.

Creativity Available virtually

Improv is a fantastic way to develop creativity and new ideas within your organisation. It uses collaboration to foster innate creativity which in turn will bring a unique insight to your business strategy and process.

Improv will help your organisation develop the ability to generate more innovative ideas around your own service, leading to faster ROI/Time to Market. It can also increase the ability of teams to self-manage issues and opportunities and improve well-being.

Ad for the Lean Practitioner/Leader course
Training Available virtually

Support to meet the ISO standard on Lean

Our coaching will enable you to take a major step by your staff becoming certified for the ISO 18404 certified in either Lean Practitioner or Leader, improving the reputation of your organisation.  

We will teach you the advanced tools of Lean, and help you to execute projects that deliver bottom line benefit to your organisation; reducing costs, avoiding costs, improving revenue or improving reputation/quality. Kinetik will help you create Lean capability in your organisation and accelerate process improvements.  

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Training Available virtually

Capability Development in Operational Excellence and Change Management

Your organisation may need to deliver operational excellence, doing more with the same or less resources, re-design processes or change the way stakeholders operate in both their individual behaviours and as teams.

We want to help you implement sustainable operational change that will deliver measurable, long-term benefits to your bottom line.

Benefit from our bespoke service: we have over 60 modules of training. from which you can choose right mix, from our four areas of operational excellence. Organisations have identified 10% to 30% savings in their operational areas as a result of our modular training.

We can run the training for you globally and in multiple languages.

Change Management Cover
Diagnostic Tool Available virtually

Assessing your Readiness for Complex Change

Rapid Diagnostic to get you to the heart of sustainable transformation.

Your organisation may need to deliver operational excellence, doing more with the same or less, redesign processes or change the way people operate both in their individual behaviours and as teams. Before embarking on change, a rapid and relevant diagnostics can be useful to prepare you for transformation.

Our diagnostics can avoid unnecessary costs later in your programme, and get change aligned at the onset. Utilising our extensive research-based knowledge alongside our tried and tested practices can help you bypass pitfalls.

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Training Available virtually

Coaching for Change Leaders

Your organisation may have an internal change team that can achieve even more with coaching support.

Our coaching approach is based on active listening, asking questions, testing clarity and supporting you in your journey of change. The focus is on being non-directive: drawing your knowledge and leveraging your skills.

Our coaching work will support:  development of the individual, team working, stakeholder management, change delivery and use of change tools.