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What is Lean Management?



What is Lean Management?

Our Lean in Practise Meet Up talk by Catharina Ritter-Schlettig:

“‘What is Lean Management?’ was the topic discussed at the meetup held on 23 Sep 2021. Catharina shared her experience, approach, results achieved and lessons learned in the deployment of Lean Management. Catharina Ritter-Schlettig is the Transformation Capability Manager at SD Worx. She is responsible for the development of Lean and Agile skills with a team of 11 colleagues. She had successfully delivered Transformation Projects within the SD Worx by increasing customer value, improving efficiency and securing growth while engaging business stakeholders.”

Ranmore VanDort

This was the third such meetup on Practice of Lean Thinking – International organized by Ketan Varia and co-hosted by Ranmore VanDort. The next meetup will be held on Thursday, November 18, 2021 on the topic ‘Applying Lean in Hotel Management’ by Bart Ruben Rozema.

Kinetik also runs Lean Training for Executives.

The meetup, which is shared on our Kinetik YouTube channel, can be found below: