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Meetings – A poem on change by Ketan Varia


Conference calls for many are a time to doodle
in between the times to fiddle
in between the mute button and google.

For why do they exist?
Just for someone to boast their merit?
Or manage fear by share-it?

Better have a single purpose, make decisions, or get clarity,
or don’t hold a meeting at all!

“Ponder” – A poem on change by Ketan Varia

Ponder - Poem on change management by Ketan Varia


Ponder and meaning will emerge
better to think of the join and not the specific.

Ponder and clearing will occur
have you thought what matter’s not?

Ponder and the reason will sparkle
for your experience has brought you to this point.

Ponder and you will change
and cast a new eye on the challenge.


“Listening” – A poem on change by Ketan Varia


Listen to the wise and foolish,
listen to the experienced and the novice.

Dwell on, and check your thoughts,
doubts, questions, let them swell.

The listening followed by a pause,
will provide nothing or everything.

Act on what comes up,
discard forever everything else.

Failure comes when ears are closed,
open those canals and get to your goal.


Being Stuck

Being Stuck

Ambiguity means not understanding the connection.
Contradiction means not understanding the possibilities.
Fear of failure means not appreciating learning.
A gap in total knowledge means you can’t tap into intuition.
Ruminating about the parts means you can’t see the whole.




When change comes,
let it overpower and overtake you;
understand it and be in it.

Only then can you deal,
your way up and get the feel;
overcome it, patiently step by step,

For soon you will out-know it,
and oversee it in every way.


A Greater Truth

A Greater Truth

The struggle to square a circle,
meet conflicting goals;
and keep people together,
contradictions that seem to last forever.

But pause, there is a greater truth,
something that envelops to give you;                        the answer without more stress,
a change in reasoning with bless.

Find this greater truth,
when struggle is at its hardest;
the weight will lift for you,
it will be time to harvest.


A Wasted Week

A Wasted Week

All day I tumble and toil,
tossed around like a football.

From around the world material arrives in a melee,
ships, lorries, government’s help to participate in a delay.

Moving from machine to machine can be a marathon race,
keeps me fit – but does the customer care less?

Every job I do has some ‘extras to do’
for the tools & instructions are never as they should be.

Thursdays are always quiet & time for the newspaper,
it’s something about batch planning I hear.

At the end of the week, I carefully count the scrap waste,
however, doing this always creates a bitter taste.

You may be surprised to know that all my herd effort goes to a store,
how long it stays there – maybe evermore?!


A Place for Everything

A Place for Everything

Parts, tools and paperwork everywhere even on my brain,
I ‘tuck’ them somewhere only to lose them again.

A spring clean is needed so what I need,
for all in all, the clutter, it all feels like weed.

I need to put my tool and paper in (the) right compartments,
so that I can concentrate on each job without arguments.

A daily tidy for which I need to set myself some time each day,
it gives me peace of mind, often better then extra pay.

All this is easier said than done,
for we need to keep these changes on the run.


Thinking Flow

Thinking Flow

Every day, on workstation I sit in the muck.
and wonder who pays for all this rework?

Who’s the real customer, who?
Not my boss for – he doesn’t pay for the ‘goo’.

What’s needed is a way, like water from a tap – an instant flow,
so that parts and paperwork never lie idle – always on the go.

Why create all so much extra bits, it makes me sick,
for who want’s last week’s milk?

If only the system made individual parts when required,
rather like a restaurant – for what’s the point of a frozen dinner?

Life’s not perfect – neither is the work we do
but that shouldn’t influence us in wanting to improve.


Drowning in Data

Drowning in Data

Data comes all round in heaps,
millions of it processed, analysed and stored for keeps.

Someone clever decides to capture another useful attribute,
but has it long term value, forgotten in the glute?

Every hour I get a call from a customer, dear
often frustrated and in fear.

His information wrong on the system, bending my ear,
and he’ll be leaving us soon I hear.

I can listen, process and solve his fear,
boss deems more knowledge is in the glute, then in between my ear.