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7 Selected Lean Game Resources



7 Selected Lean Game Resources

Lean Games play an essential part in learning about process and operational excellence. Lean Games provide a unique environment for understanding. It allows participants to work on practical scenarios, experience the real emotions of working a process and meeting a goal. Some of the lessons from Lean Games can be so innate that participants will make changes almost instantly to their own processes and behaviours as a result.

Lean Games, as always, need to be chosen carefully according to the audience. They also need to be set up well and dovetailed with the key messages or learning points that are required.


Here are the top 7 sites/books for anyone interested in learning about Lean Games.

    1. Free Lean Games: A huge list of free lean games available here including the pig game, paper airplane game and 5S game.
    2. Blog on Lean Simulation: An excellent blog on lean games from people who have created games based on experiences of simulation.
    3. Product Store for Lean Games A UK web site that provides a succinct but quality lean games including the catapult game.

Lean Game

  1. Book of 47 Lean Games: A book by John Bicheno where total of 47 Lean games are included, each with full description, player and instructor notes, and game sheets. Very basic instructions material needed to run the games.
  2. Lean Games for Coaching: In this article, Joakim Hillberg shares his experience teaching trainers how to run lean games and some hints on how to practically and effectively coach game participants.
  3. How to teach the right Lean Games for the right situation: An excellent presentation by Dr Hung-da Wan, Associate Professor, and Assistant Chair of Mechanical Engineering Department (UTSA), on the different types of lean games available
  4. A new Lean Simulation Game plus other change games for service industry: This Lean Service Simulation Game is specifically developed for service industry by Ketan Varia based on his 19 years of experience in Lean Methodology. It is played in 3 or more rounds that describe a fictitious Insurance company, which specialises in asset insurance and trades internationally. The simulation will let you understand the 5 principles of Lean, recognise the 7 wastes in the company, and understand the demand on different processes. You will also grasp the relationship between customer value, demand, time to carry out process steps and amount of resources needed.