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Insight versus Instinct

Insight versus Instinct

Insight is only,
a gap between,
instinct from senses,
and real knowledge,
from your unconscious.

Find that insight,
within the space.

It’s always clear,
in hindsight,
that insight exists,
was always there,
and within you.




Think not what the data tells you,
more what questions you want answering,
whether it be a profound question
or a simple question,
a bold question or a meek question.

Ponder on the answers you get, ponder long
if it is real insight or dressed up meaning?

If the answers are of real value
they will turn true and even intuitive.

And they will give you the fuel and fire
to make your change happen.


“Being a Coach” – A poem on change by Ketan Varia

Being a coach

Just because you have tasted success,
it doesn’t mean there isn’t another way.

Just because you can see the pitfalls,
don’t forget the learning from them.

Only advise when you are clear,
that two points of understanding need joining,
otherwise move along.

For the path the way to change,
can only be discovered by the self.


“Sea Change” – A poem on change management by Jeewan Ramlugun

Sea change

There is calm and order
on deck,
restfulness below,
dove of peace on the prow.

But turbulence is in the nature
of the vast wet expanse;
so,the helmsman must peer
far ahead to spot tumult
on the way.

If worst fears are confirmed,
an about-turn is done
and a safer course plotted.

Destinations may be set
but the ways there
need to be negotiable,
all aboard being agreeable-
not to rise in mutiny from fear.

So captain, ring the bell and tell
one and all it will be well.

©Jeewan Ramlugun

22 April 2016