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Kinetik continues to deliver Operational Change – Virtually



Kinetik continues to deliver Operational Change – Virtually

The pandemic has reframed our view of the world, but challenges in improving capability within organisations remain, and in some ways are more acute.  As we move forward through this pandemic, complex organisations will still need to address the following questions around capability building:   

  • How to create a roadmap for operational transformation in your business with a world full of uncertainty?  
  • How to continuously iterate business processes/digitalisation, to ensure it adds end to end value to your customers?  
  • How to improve the creativity and development of staff, so as to maximise opportunity in a world that is continuously innovating? 
  • How to improve your decision making and collaboration processes, in a world where there are likely to be fewer physical meetings? 

Kinetik continues to innovate and craft skills to support organisations virtually. We use relevant technology to leverage virtual working on business transformation, process excellence and change projects in operational settings. 

Examples of what we do virtually include: 

  • Using collaborative change tools
  • Agile Project management
  • Facilitating workshops  
  • Delivering change training  
  • Virtual whiteboard to share creative ideas  

Tools we use include: 

We have already started helping our clients with some immediate quick wins:  

  1. Providing virtual facilitation using the power of technology and our deep experience of collaboration.

Enjoyable and insightful session last night on using Improv in busines – Consultant from Jungle Drum Network

Our work with groups of individuals and organisations on creativity has provided better insights to make positive decisions about possible paths forward.

2. Providing highly engaging virtual training, in the areas of: 

  1. Continuous Improvement  
  2. Project Management  
  3. Change Management
  4. Innovation and Creativity  

We recently ran a virtual training course in Mauritius on the subject of Prioritisation.

3. Support change teams in coaching and insight in new ways of working and also develop more creative solutions to opportunities and problems. 

We have recently commenced work with the Red Cross Climate Centre on helping support on the ground change in relation to climate risk.