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The Kinetik and Abans Teams



The Kinetik and Abans Teams

We recently completed an opportunity with Abans Finance in Sri Lanka looking at their lease processes for motorbikes. The consultancy work culminated in 4 days of ‘learning by doing’ training where we worked with 25 senior staff to build capacity in Lean, launch 7 Lean projects. We were also instrumental with creating a detailed strategic road-map for change.

We used our new product Readiness for Change Assessment as part of the understand the current state of the organisation.

71% of the senior mangers who attended rated our training as excellent and overall we had a 100% satisfaction rate across all areas of training.  The work was carried out by our associate Keshini Jayawardena together with our director Ketan Varia.

We will continue to support their Strategic plan for change as well as current Lean during autumn of 2017. The support team from administration, design and marketing were involved in someway in this work in the preparation work. Great teamwork!