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Virtual Capability Building – Mauritius



Virtual Capability Building – Mauritius

On the 29th May 2020, we delivered  virtual interactive training on the use of the Prioritisation Matrix to businesses in Mauritius. Our work was in collaboration with the Government of Mauritius (NPCC), which is looking to revive businesses post-covid. 

We had a range of sectors present including advertising, manufacturing and tourism. 

The meeting was opened by Mr Ashit Kumar Gungah, the Executive Director and hosted by Francoise Marechal Charlotte, Head of Consultancy at the NPCC.  The aim of the NPCC is to generate productivity and quality consciousness in all sectors of the Mauritian economy with a view to achieve sustained growth and international competitiveness.  

Feedback from our work 

“Deepest thanks and gratitude for this insightful (virtual) webinar”

Dev Appalswamy – Director, Capacity Development, Corporate Services and operations, NPCC 

Kinetik offers the following services in these times of change: 

  • Advice on your strategy for change: Making you more responsive and able to improve asset utilisation 
  • Design digital processes that improve value to your customers: Reducing staff stress, improving your reputation and preparing for the ‘new normal’ 
  • Bring about a culture that is built on continuous improvement and innovation: Being able to deal with future shocks and increase the asset value of your staff 
  • Provide our expert facilitation virtually using the power of technology: Improving your decision making and team cohesiveness 

    We can also help you with Quick Wins 

  1. Provide you with virtual facilitation using the power of technology and our deep experience of collaboration – Giving you the ability and insights to make positive decisions about your strategy.
  2. Provide you with highly engaging virtual training, in the areas of: 
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Project Management
    • Change Management,
    • Innovation and Creativity
  3. Support your change teams:  
    • Coaching and insight in new ways of working
    • Develop more creative solutions to opportunities and problems

Working with the NPCC and delivering virtual interactive training on the Prioritisation Matrix inspired participants and helped them prepare for the challenges post-covid. Kinetik develops partners, organisations and teams with our coaching.