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Revolutionising Communication With Customers

The Letterbox Project

“As an idea, Letterbox offers a new approach to communication with customers, blending the security and utility of physical mail with the convenience of digital channels. If implemented properly, it could provide a high-value addition to existing digital channels of communication, as well as greatly reducing postal-related expenses.”

Arnie Ayton, Platforms and Partnership Manager, GenLifeUK

Pain that consumers feel

“I can never find my important letters (pension statement etc.) when I want them”

“I don’t like signing onto a multitude of portals just to download documents”

“I want to keep my important letters in one secure space”

“When I move home I don’t want to lose touch with important organisations, e.g. my pension provider”

“Spam stops me reading important letters in my inbox”


“Keeping in touch with your customers, particularly when they move home, always difficult to trace/track”

“I find electronic information does not get opened or read”

“I want to keep my important letters in one secure space”

“I never know if the customer has opened my letter and read it”

“Sending letters out to consumers is an expensive process”


“It would be a real comfort to know that I can receive important letters in a secure electronic PDF format, using a process that is dedicated to that purpose and completely spam free. More importantly, if I can choose who I receive letters from, I am always in control, and I will know that anything I receive is important and needs my attention.”

“Getting letters in pdf format that I can print, organise and store on my device and that I can access even when I am not connected to the internet, would make managing my affairs so much easier.

“I would like a guaranteed level of security, where I can rest assured that my private documents are securely stored, locally on multiple devices”


“If I can find a way of getting important letters to my customers in a secure electronic format, with a guaranteed way of them being read, that would bring significant commercial advantages to my organisation.”

“I know customers don’t like signing onto portals so an application that would get my letters to them in a pdf format, that they could store, would be a real benefit to us. It would stop us having to chase them, or track them down when they move home, especially when we need them to respond to a call to action.”

“If the application meant my postal costs were significantly reduced that would be an additional advantage over and above the other costs savings. It would really enhance my organisation credibility as my customer knows they are always connected to me and won’t miss anything important.”

“In terms of security if the information I sent was only accessible to our organisation and to the customer, with the intermediary service not able to access the content that would give us the required level of confidentiality and security.”

“For customers who use electronic receipts for letters delivered or read, real-time statistics being available would help me build a more complete picture of my customer demographics and profiles, and I can serve them better as a result.”

“I would love a solutions to our admin processes that offers an environmental to help us with our CSR commitment.”

We are working on the beta of our product to deliver a revolution in customer communications. If you would like to be involved or want to know more please contact. Matthew Gibson at mgibson@kinetik.uk.com.